Dogs for Adoption

These dogs are either living with us here at Woodfield, or they are currently in Romania but are due to be arriving shortly. For sneak previews of our latest arrivals and to keep upto date with our news and announcements, please join our Facebook group!


Janet met Angel last October when volunteering at the public shelter. Angel had recently been brought in by the dog catchers and was being bullied by bigger dogs in the courtyard.
Thankfully, Angel was brought out of the courtyard and space was found in a kennel and run with more suitable dogs for her to mix with. Janet immediately knew that she would be coming over to Yorkshire.
However the path was not smooth, as Angel became ill and has had a long fight with distemper and also hepatitis which meant she temporarily lost her sight.
Luckily she has made a wonderful, full recovery from both, and is now looking for her happy ending.

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