February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome, everyone, to the very first Woodfield Dog Rescue Newsletter, which we hope to start sending out regularly.
We wanted to ensure that we are reaching as many of our supporters and adopters as possible to keep you up to date with all our news.
In each newsletter we hope to include stories from our adopters about how their four-legged friends have settled into their new lives in the UK so will be asking for updates and photos.
We also want to keep you up to date with the dogs we currently have in Woodfield Dog Rescue looking for homes.
The newsletter will include ways to help more dogs and any up and coming events and fundraisers. We hope you enjoy and please do give us your feedback.

Janet McDougall
Janet is the founder of Woodfield Dog Rescue, a part of her charity The WoodfieldFoundation – charity number 1140114. She lives with her husband Andrew and a variety of animals on their small holding near Harrogate.
A passionate animal lover, Janet has rescued many many animals over the years including cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, donkeys, a horse and a pony, as well as leverets, pheasant chicks and hedgehogs, before starting Woodfield Dog Rescue and focussing her efforts on the forgotten dogs of Romania’s Boldesti Public Shelter.
Janet looks after the dogs brought over from Boldesti in her purpose-built shelter and carries out all home checks herself. She provides the rescue back up for all her adopters and takes this responsibility very seriously.
As well as her love for animals, Janet enjoys keeping fit, skiing, travelling, spending time in Scotland, and gin.

Natalie Paterson
Nat is the Fundraising Manager of Woodfield Dog Rescue, and a trustee of The Woodfield Foundation. She lives with her fiancé, Rich, and is a mummy to Daniel who is 2 years and 8 months, and Oliver who is 16 months. Their family is completed by two rescue cats, Willow and Dawn, and Lula who is a Boldesti puppy who the family adopted from Woodfield Dog Rescue after fostering (and failing! She was too fabulous to give back).
As part of her role of Fundraising Manager, Nat has developed a variety of WoodfieldDog Rescue Merchandise https://woodfielddogrescue.com/shopping/ and collaborated with a friend who owns an independent candle making business to produce a stunning range of organic candles. Nat also tries to think of different and interesting ways in which to raise funds for WDR.
Alongside her passion for pooches, Nat works part time for her dad’s business as HR/Credit Control and also enjoys reading, walking in the countryside, exploring Scotland, spending time with her babies, and Rioja.

Isobel Rudman
Izzy is Digital Marketing Manager for Woodfield Dog Rescue. She is the genius responsible for our fabulous website and also produces our wonderful promotional material such as posters, compliments slips and artwork for merchandise. Izzy lives with her fiancé, Guy and their Romanian rescue dog Fifi.
As well as providing the digital marketing brainpower for WDR, Izzy is a well-known blogger https://www.izzydabbles.co.uk/ so check her out!
Izzy enjoys dog-friendly adventures with Fifi, planning holidays, planning her wedding, making things, cooking, crafting, and binge-watching Netflix.

Rachel Bexon
Rachel is a vital part of the tiny team at Woodfield Dog Rescue. She is one of the admins for the Facebook page and Facebook group, and is a fabulous cheerleader on the Happy Tails Facebook group which is the group run by Madalina, the volunteer who cares for the dogs at Boldesti. Rachel is always coming up with new ideas to raise funds, often runs her own fundraisers and is relentless in her passion for the dogs. She is our emotional anchor and never fails to bring us back up when we’re down.
Not only does Rachel give so much of herself to helping the dogs, she also owns and runs a beautiful B&B in North Northumberland, and lives with her husband Dan, son Jack, and three Romanian rescue dogs Karina, Clarence and Stanley. Clarence is originally from Boldesti via another rescue, and Stanley is another failed Woodfieldfoster who Rachel and Dan adopted in December. Rachel’s lovely mum is also one of Woodfield’s first adopters, giving a forever home to Viola now Rosie Posie back in November 2017.
When she’s not scrubbing bogs or cooking gorgeous breakfasts for her guests, Rachel enjoys refreshing walks on the incredible beaches of North Northumberland, and spending time with her family and dogs.

Olivia Hornshaw
Olivia runs our Instagram and Twitter pages and is doing an amazing job of increasing awareness of our little charity. She also helps out with the dogs in the shelter at Woodfield Dog Rescue, walking them, playing with them, grooming them and taking lovely photos of them for our social media accounts.
Olivia lives with her partner, Will, and their two dogs Sampson the Shih Ztu and Walter the Giant Schnauzer. Her life literally revolves around dogs, from her job to her leisure time. But when she does get a bit of spare time, she loves a good jigsaw and is currently training for a 10k and all going well, a half marathon.

Who has been re-homed recently?

Earlier in January, Alice, Lillibet, Tilly, Parker and Mary arrived to join little Alexandra with the pink collar on. All the doggies have now moved on to their forever homes which is just fabulous. We’re so looking forward to seeing updates of these beautiful dogs enjoying their new lives with their forever families.

Next dogs arriving at Woodfield Dog Rescue

In early March we will be welcoming 5 beautiful souls to our little kennel from Boldesti Public Shelter. Their stories are below. If you would like more information on a particular dog with a view to adoption, please email thewoodfieldfoundation@gmail.com or call Janet on 07899991967.


Janet met Angel last October when volunteering at the public shelter. Angel had recently been brought in by the dog catchers and was being bullied by bigger dogs in the courtyard.
Thankfully, Angel was brought out of the courtyard and a space was found in a kennel and run with more suitable dogs for her to mix with. Janet immediately knew that she would be coming over to Yorkshire.
However the path was not smooth, as Angel became ill and has had a long fight with distemper and also hepatitis which meant she temporarily lost her sight.
Luckily she has made a wonderful, full recovery from both, and will be looking for her happy ending very soon.


A very, very special little girl aged five, Duchess is gentle, calm and loving. Cuddles galore will be waiting here in Yorkshire.
Duchess has become a firm favourite at the public shelter and knows how to make everyone fall in love with her. We cannot wait to meet her.



Such a beautiful, sweet girl -aged two years.
Freya is loving and gentle and we hope soon to be able to find her the perfect home.
One of our amazing supporters Kate West spotted Freya in a video that Madalina posted. Kate very kindly sponsored her preparation fees to ensure her safety and get her off the January kill list. We as a charity are excited to be able to welcome her to our little shelter.



Janet met Braveheart on her trip to Boldesti last October. Our gorgeous brave boy captured everyone’s hearts; he was so, so sick with distemper that it looked for a long period of time like he would not survive. However, Braveheart by name and by nature, he would not give up the fight for life. A true miracle that he survived, and he is now looking so fit and well. Janet cannot wait to meet him again in happier times and is so excited that hopefully very soon he will have his forever family and loving home.


Lucy Lou

Janet also met Lucy Lou last October at Boldesti . Lucy Lou was only a puppy and desperately ill with Parvo. A gentle, poor poppet that was clinging on to life buy a thread .
Fast forward a few months, she has fully recovered and is now boisterous and energetic and looking amazing. We cannot wait for puppy playtime and cuddles.


We thank Mădălina from the bottom of our hearts for giving all five dogs the most incredible care to get them to be strong and well enough to travel to us. What Mădălina does for the shelter dogs is truly incredible and her determination for all the dogs is inspiring.


What we are all about

At Woodfield Dog Rescue, we not only rescue dogs and bring them to our small and friendly kennel near Harrogate to find forever homes, we also help as much as we can to support Mădălina care for the other dogs in Boldesti Public Shelter, Romania.

The needs are great and ongoing, ranging from food and veterinary care, to Distance Adoptions which extend the lives of the dogs on the monthly kill lists for long enough to prepare them to leave the kill shelter forever, as well as the costs involved in preparing the dogs, which includes disease testing, flea and worm treatment, vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchip.

We share Mădălina’s vision, in that it is not enough to simply ship as many dogs as possible out of the kill shelter. We believe the dogs should have adequate protection from the elements during their time at Boldesti, as well as being segregated to limit the spread of disease and reduce bullying. As such, we helped fund the kennel build project which has improved the living conditions of the dogs massively, as well as making things much more efficient for Mădălina and Dennis whilst caring for the dogs.

The next project very close to our hearts is a mother and puppy unit build, which will allow new mums to have some space and safety in which to care for their puppies, as well as crucially keeping the puppies away from diseases which could kill them. This is twofold in that this also frees up vital kennel run space, allowing more dogs to be moved from the courtyards into the kennels, and giving them the chance to leave the public shelter for new lives, subject to the required preparation process.

Spay is the only long-term solution for the stray dog issue and we feel very passionately about this. We have funded various spay clinics and now we are thrilled to say that these can happen on site in the brand-new purpose-built clinic! This build was not fund raised for via our charity, this was a personal project for Janet, however the state-of-the-art equipment for the clinic was fund raised for and so now, spay clinics are carried out on site by highly skilled vets. This clinic is vital for treating the sick dogs as well. Distemper and parvovirus are the most common and they are killers. Without swift, effective treatment, the infected dogs stand no chance. Having the clinic on site greatly improves their chances of survival.

January Monthly Payment Challenge

We appealed throughout all of January to try and increase the number of regular monthly payments coming into the rescue so we can continue our work helping dogs like Tilly above stay safe until a forever home can be found.
Times are very hard in Boldesti, and we are trying to help as much as we possibly can, but we need to raise more monthly payments.

So in case you have missed our challenge on Facebook and want to help us by donating monthly here are the details:
We are constantly looking at ways to raise funds, but the best way for us is through regular standing orders as we then know we have those funds coming in every month.
The money we raise helps prepare dogs for their new lives away from the kill shelter in Boldesti.
As well as bringing dogs over to Harrogate and finding forever homes for them, we support Mădălina, who is an amazing volunteer who works tirelessly at Boldesti Public Shelter to help these poor stray dogs.
We send her funds to pay for food and medical treatments for the dogs in the shelter as well as preparation costs for vaccinations, microchip, flea, tick and worming treatments, along with spay and neuter to help kill list dogs have a chance to leave the public shelter .
No amount is too small and it all adds up …
If you would consider setting up a small regular amount by standing order we would be incredibly grateful and so will the dogs your money is going to help.
Your donations are saving lives and making a difference.
Account Details
The Woodfield Foundation
Account Number 00021183
Sort Code 405240
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Looking back

We are incredibly proud of our past and ongoing contributions to the improved welfare of so many dogs.

This would not be possible without some amazing people. These people have either taken part in their own fundraisers or contributed to our appeals.
The fundraiser that started the whole Woodfield Dog Rescue journey was Bella’s sponsored slim back in 2017. Bella is Janet’s spaniel, who shed the pounds to fund a spay clinic at Boldesti. Janet went out to Romania to assist with the clinic, and this visit resulted in the WDR kennels being built and the first lucky dogs being chosen!

In August 2017, Janet climbed the O2 with a group of like-minded ladies and met Mădălina for the first time.

Also in August 2017, Janet and a small group of passionate women set up the For the Love Of Dogs Auctions Facebook page, to raise much needed funds for the doggies. These auctions were massively successful and contributed to preparation costs, transport costs and also to the kennel build fund.

When Woodfield Dog Rescue was born in November 2017, and the first dogs were adopted, Janet used the adoption fees to help other dogs at Boldesti. She also was able to fill the transport van that brought the dogs over with food and bedding to send back to Romania. This was made possible with the support of Posh Paws in Harrogate and some extremely generous friends, although a large proportion of the food was bought personally by Janet and Andrew.

Each time dogs arrived, the van was filled up with food and each time, the adoption fee was sent on to Mădălina to care for the dogs remaining in Boldesti.

Coffee mornings and selling personal items helped Janet to raise more funds to help Mădălina and Dennis care for the dogs.

In March 2018, the Woodfield Dog Rescue Facebook page was created, giving us a platform to boost the public knowledge of WDR, promote the dogs for adoption and hopefully increase support.

Also in March, some supporter friends ran a raffle to raise funds for a spay campaign in honour of Janet’s birthday, the funds for which The Woodfield Foundation matched, meaning £1120, enough for 53 spays, was raised! This total was added to with another raffle run from the auction page by Nat, which raised a further £100 in just a few hours.

Along with various other smaller fundraisers, the FLODA auction and The WoodfieldFoundation teamed up again to raise over £1500 for the kennel build fund.

In June 2018, The Woodfield Foundation became accepted by https://smile.amazon.co.uk which is a fantastic way to raise funds for our charity at no cost to yourself. On Friday we received the fabulous news that as a result of activity between 1st October 2018 and 31st December 2018, Amazon has donated £160.99 to our charity! This money has been put to one side to be used where it is most needed when the next list of dogs in danger is released.

Also in June, with the help of some very generous people donating food, treatments and money, we were able to send back around 600 kilos of food to Boldesti on the transport van.

July 2018 saw Janet visiting Boldesti again. She shared her time there with us via the Facebook page and so many wonderful people wanted to help out. Whilst there, Janet was able to buy puppy food locally as well as distemper treatments.

The wonderful adopters of our lovely Max got married in July 2018 and asked their guests instead of wedding presents, for donations they could send on to our charity. They and their lovely guests contributed to many dogs being saved from the kill list by paying their preparation costs so they could leave the public shelter for new lives.

Also in July 2018, one of our fabulous supporters held a coffee morning and raised a brilliant £158 for the Boldesti dogs!

Early August saw another van load of food heading back to Boldesti and a generosity that brought a lump to our throats. Janet and Andrew personally funded the building of the clinic at Boldesti however we signed the charity up with Virgin Giving https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/finalCharityHomepage.action?charityId=1014558 and appealed for donations to purchase clinic equipment. Within a few hours we had exceeded our target for the first item, a state-of-the-art operating table, which was so overwhelming, meaning we were ahead with the fundraising for the next piece. Thanks to amazing people, we quickly built on this fund and raised enough to purchase a sterilising unit.

August also saw the launch of our first piece of Woodfield branded merchandise – tote bags! Designed by Buttercrumble and spearheaded by Izzy, these bags are a great, eco friendly way to promote our tiny charity.

AND our amazing Emily, who not only looks after Janet’s horses and helps with the shelter dogs but is also one of our special adopters, THREW HERSELF OUT OF A PLANE!!! She raised over £2500 which is just incredible.

September 2018 saw one supporter completing a run, and another cycling 300 miles to raise funds via The Woodfield Foundation for the Boldesti dogs. We auctioned off some tickets to see Joanna Lumley, and the first “knitted animals” fundraiser launched. We joined forces with Mădălina’s  “Happy Tails” group as well as various other people to increase support and awareness of spay/neuter and raised enough between us to fund yet another spay campaign.

October 2018 brought a visit from a fellow Soi Dog mum and huge Woodfieldsupport, Kate, who had designed, drawn and had printed some stunning notecards for us to sell to raise funds: https://woodfielddogrescue.com/notecards/
We launched our bracelets https://woodfielddogrescue.com/woodfield-dog-rescue-bracelets/ which were made by an independent company and gifted to us by a lovely supporter, Sarah.
And our exclusive hoodies https://woodfielddogrescue.com/wdr-hoodies/ which have been designed by Nat and are printed by a fabulous local company, Wetherby Screenprint.
Janet visited Boldesti again in October 2018 along with Estelle and Lisa. Their trip was a tough one, with lots of sickness and loss, however also lots of hope. Janet was able to see first-hand the clinic finished and operational, and the further welfare improvements in the shelter. Through sharing their experiences and the plight of the dogs they saw whilst there, the team raised a staggering £3198 which was spent on food, Salvacan (distemper medication), Canglob (parvovirus medicatons), spay/neuter and preparations costs.

In November 2018 we hosted our first event, our Autumn Social at The Kitchen in Harrogate. This was a brilliant evening where we met some of our local supporters, ate some yummy food and had an amazing surprise guest – Mădălina!! We also raised over £1500 which was just phenomenal.
This event also saw the launch of our collaboration with Sahara Candles to bring a range of organic scented candles https://woodfielddogrescue.com/sahara-candles/which are absolutely divine.
It was also Woodfield Dog Rescue’s first birthday on 12th November 2018 so we put together a little surprise for Janet. We made her two great videos showing how much has been achieved in that one year, as well as a scrapbook with pictures of all the dogs Woodfield and Janet have saved – including the ones nobody ever sees because they’ve been funded and gone elsewhere – and cards and messages from so so many people. Nat also spent the previous 4 weekends driving around Yorkshire collecting donations from super generous people and along with a long-time friend and supporter, delivered them to Woodfield on the 12th, needing two 4×4’s there was so much!! With a bit of deviousness from Michaela at Posh Paws, we were also able, with money from secret fundraising, to deliver the food order Janet had placed to go back on the transport van and tell her that it was all paid for.
We featured in the Stray FM news bulletins and on their website https://www.strayfm.com/news/local-news/2736132/from-romanian-kill-shelter-to-hope-in-harrogate—rescue-centre-celebrates-its-first-birthday/
and social media, as well as appearing in the Harrogate Advertiser https://www.harrogateadvertiser.co.uk/news/shelter-which-saves-dogs-from-romania-s-kill-lists-and-re-homes-them-in-harrogate-marks-first-anniversary-1-9446089
November 2018 was the launch of our superb Woodfield Dog Rescue calendars https://woodfielddogrescue.com/2019-calendars-wdr/ and stunning exclusive Christmas cards. It was also time for our first ever craft fair which was a dismal failure BUT gave us some valuable experience in how long the tables take to set up and where not to focus our efforts in future.
We fundraised for a beautiful, very sick little girl who through a competition was named Phyllis. Sadly, she didn’t make it and all our hearts broke.
Caine and Lance from the utterly wondrous Caine of Harrogate http://www.caineofharrogate.co.uk/ held a raffle for a fabulous Neom hamper, which raised £800.
And Alison, The Cake Lady Harrogate https://www.thecakeladyharrogate.co.uk/offered two amazing raffles, one via her own page and one held at Shampooches http://shampooches.biz/ which raised £360 and £160 respectively.
Nat held two Facebook live pop up shops at her home which raised £494.97 on the Friday and £586.05 on the Saturday, bringing the total raised to £1081.02. This was sent to Mădălina for medication costs etc.

In December 2018, Jean held a “Doggy Christmas Fancy Dress Competition”, with some great merchandise as prizes, and Nat and Janet attended the Animal ArkAid Christmas Dog Party where we raised £200.
Rachel held a 24 hour auction for a beautiful hand knitted doll which sold for £25. Helen hosted a cake sale at work at Yorkshire Bank Harrogate which raised £176.
Lucy, who adopted beautiful Caitlin, was busy in the kitchen making and selling yummy chutney which did so well that we were able to use the funds raise to contribute to preparation costs of kill list dogs.
To end the year, Alice and Lillibet – two of our gorgeous foster doggies – embarked on a sponsored slim to raise funds for the friends they had to leave behind at Boldesti.

January 2019 saw our “New Year, New You” campaign, inspired by Alice and Lillibet’s (enforced!) sponsored slim. Supporters quickly got on board and before we knew it people were sponsoring themselves and friends for eating healthily, giving up alcohol, doing more exercise, losing weight, and fining themselves for naughty indulgences.
We also joined EasyFundraising https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/thewoodfieldfoundation/ which is just a fantastic way to raise money as it’s rewarding us, for your online shop!

Most Recent Fundraising

The very lovely Caine of Harrogate kindly ran this most amazing raffle for our local supporters, and provided the prize of a fabulous bouquet voucher valued at £100. Their generosity raised £316 which will be sent on to Mădălina for covering veterinary expenses of the dogs at Boldesti Public Shelter .

The lucky winner was Michelle Hennon and she has generously decided to use the voucher as a raffle prize at the Dance Your Pants Off Prosecco Afternoon Tea in April.


Let me be your valentine 💕February appeal

We have had previous appeals to raise funds for medical supplies for distemper and Parvo. However, this is only part of the story at the Boldesti Public Shelter as many dogs require other different veterinary treatments, many surgeries to injuries they have received before coming into the shelter. Other dogs often need treatment with antibiotics, vitamins and other medications for all manner of reasons. The dogs being brought into the shelter by the dogcatchers have been on the streets and are often in a very vulnerable condition. Either way all lead to continuous large vet bills.

This month we thought as a group we could aim to achieve a sum to send to Mădălina to use towards those bills in whatever way is most needed.

This thought came about because of two very special dogs who will very soon be travelling and leaving the shelter for their new life ahead.

However, last October the situation was very different. I will never forget the day Mădălina talked, heartbroken about the horrors that happened to the poor puppies Milo and Noir. The cruelty these puppies had endured just left those she told, cold and Mădălina in pieces.
These two puppies were brought in by the dogcatcher with terrible terrible life threatening injuries that would need extensive medical care to enable them to survive and even with the very best that future wasn’t certain for quite sometime.

Milo had been very severely kicked and had a hernia that would require surgery. One of his eyes was terribly injured, again needing numerous operations to save his eye, Mădălina doesn’t know what happened to his eye but it was so terribly infected the eyelid so swollen and was starting to decompose.

And little Noir, even now knowing he is well, it makes me feel physically sick to know what happened to him and Milo. He was brought in in a pool of blood, he’d been stabbed in the chest and had his skin badly cut and the rib cage was also cut into with a huge wound of 12 to 14 cm, they had cut his tail off and he was burned on the back of his hips and back of his legs. It was all just heartbreaking.

If Mădălina wasn’t at the shelter as a volunteer they would have had no hope, they would have died, their last human contact been extreme cruelty.

Mădălina thankfully was there and made sure they received the best possible in veterinary care at the amazing private clinic she uses and bit by bit they have recovered.
The true miracle being not only they survived but that both these boys are still gentle, loving and seek human contact for that love. Who could blame them if they didn’t but they do – they simply just want to be loved💕🐾

So in this the month of love, we as a charity are determined to create a fund with the help of our amazing supporters to send to Mădălina so her amazing work can continue. A fund she can use wherever the need is greatest. A symbol of our love for her and the incredible never-ending love she shows the dogs at Boldesti Public Shelter.

Donations can be made by PayPal to

Or by bank transfer to
Account name: The Woodfield Foundation – charity number 1140114
Account number: 00021183
Sort code: 405240