Our Work

Back in 2016 when Janet first became aware of the Boldesti Shelter and the amazing volunteers going in to rescue the dogs, it consisted of open courtyards with no shelter and no way to separate the dogs. Old in with young, males in with females, healthy in with sick, mothers and puppies in there too. To make matters worse, it was a dirt base covered in wooden pallets meaning the dogs would often break their legs, the tick infestation was huge and being in there to rescue the dogs was a dangerous job.
Now the present day shelter looks a lot different! There are now only two open, fully concreted court yards – one for males and one for females.

The Woodfield Foundation is so proud to have been able to fund the winter kennel block build and the sheet roof over the courtyards, as well as contribute to the upgrading and building of the other kennels and runs in the shelter. These improvements vastly increase the welfare standards for the dogs and give them somewhere comfortable to live whilst they wait for their happy ever after.